Free mentorship for underrepresented groups in tech

Tupu is a non-profit initiative to offer free mentorship to women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups in the tech industry

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Encouraging diversity in tech, one at a time

Statistics say that close to 40 percent of women with engineering degrees either leave the profession or never enter the field, and women quit jobs in tech at twice the rate that men do. Mentoring has been shown to drastically improve retention rates and help women advance faster in their careers. Our mission is to use the power of mentorship to help increase diversity in tech.


Mentoring for every tech role

Tupu is available for every role in tech (software engineer, SRE, manager, product manager, tech writer, marketing, etc.) and every career level (from juniors to VP level). We are doing our best to match mentors and mentees based on their aspirations, experiences, and interests. Typically we are matching more senior mentors with more junior mentees, but matching at around the same level can also work well. Even pretty senior mentees are benefiting from mentorship because there’s always room to grow. And we hear all the time that the mentors are learning just as much from their mentees.


Free mentoring with amazing volunteer mentors

The mentors on Tupu are volunteers. We ask them to spend around 30 minutes per week or every two weeks with their mentees, over Zoom, at a time that is convenient for them. They do this because they want to contribute back, because they’d like to see more diversity in tech, and because they often learn a lot from their mentees as well.


Meet a few of our amazing mentors

Adeyemi Adekorede

Senior Software Engineer, Eko Innovation Centre NG

Anagha Mudigonda

Engineering Manager, Dropbox

Andrew Moldovan

Principal Cloud UI Lead, Elastic

Anna Ossowski

Senior Community Program Manager, GitHub

Bea Alessio

Product Manager, AI and Innovation at Adobe

Bill Mulligan

Telco Developer Advocate, Kubermatic

Blayze Stefaniak

Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Christina Braks

VP of Product, Avea Solutions

Cody Fletcher

Software Developer & Entrepreneur

David Sanwald

Full Stack Engineer, MoBerries

Eloy Coto

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Ewa Fijołek

Director of Software Development, Dynatrace

Friedrich Koebler

Vice President Of Engineering, Exasol

Harry Marr

Senior Engineering Manager, GitHub

Israel Carberry

Engineering Manager, Firebrand Technologies

Javier Uruen Val

Senior Software Engineer, GitHub

Jon Plummer

Director Of User Experience, Concentric Sky

Jorge Salamero Sanz

Director of Product Management, Sysdig

Kim Beaudin

Director of Development, Yellow Pencil

Leah Brezovec-Ryding

Project Manager, Deloitte

Madhura Chopda

Director of engineering, Elastic

Mick Halsband

Founding Partner, Lunar Ventures

Natalie Pistunovich

Lead Developer Advocate, Aerospike

Nicholas Roche

Growth Consultant,

Pablo Musa

Curriculum Architect, Elastic

Panagiotis Moustafellos

SRE Technical Lead, Elastic

Raluca Badoi

Backend Software Engineer, FinLink

Raya Fratkina

Director of engineering, Elastic

Sabeen Syed

Engineering manager, Hashicorp

Stephanie Jackson

Site Reliability Engineer, Elastic

Thomas Reynolds

Executive Technology Director, Instrument

Tim Banks

Technical Account Manager, Mission

Vijay Samuel

Member Of Technical Staff 2, eBay