About us

Tupu is a non-profit initiative run by a few volunteers in their free time. If you are registering as either a mentor or a mentee, you will hear from one of the people below.

Monica Sarbu

Monica Sarbu

Monica started Tupu after leaving Elastic when she realized that she will miss the internal mentoring program at Elastic and that no other free mentorship platform exists. In her day job, Monica is the founder and CEO of Xata.io, a serverless database for Jamstack and Low-Code applications.

Previously, she has founded Packetbeat, an open source monitoring system, which was acquired by Elastic in 2015. At Elastic, she served as Director of Engineering, leading several teams, including the teams developing the popular open source projects Logstash and Elastic Beats.

Outside work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and traveling the world.

Madalina Tepelmann

Madalina Tepelmann

Madalina decided to enter the computer world after seeing a movie about hackers. Since then, she hacked multiple software engineering departments starting with quality assurance and continuing with development. Searching for a bigger playground she discovered customer’s support.

Currently she is a member of the Spirent team teaching and assisting customers and colleagues to hack the TTCN-3 language and products developed with it across different domains like Telecommunications, Automotive and Industrial Automation.

Madalina enjoys hiking (partially because at the end of any tour there is a tasty treat waiting), biking with the speed of light on the way to her child’s school and any race she is challenged to by her child.

Tudor Golubenco

Tudor Golubenco

Tudor is the CTO of Xata.io, a serverless database for Jamstack and Low-Code applications. He founded Packetbeat together with Monica in 2015, which was acquired by Elastic in 2015. He is also the co-creator of Elastic Beats. Prior to joining Elastic, he was CTO of IPTEGO, a company that built monitoring software for the telecom industry. He also worked as a software architect at Acme Packet and then Oracle.

In his spare time, Tudor enjoys playing sports and spending time with his daughter.

Advisor: Anna Ossowski

Anna Ossowski

Anna loves working at the intersection of tech and people and currently works as Senior Community Program manager at GitHub. Previously she worked in the Community Team at Elastic. She is a director of the Python Software Foundation, PyCon US staff member, former DjangoCon US Diversity Chair, and group leader of the PyLadies London user group. In her free time she loves speaking at conferences and mentoring future speakers. Anna is very passionate about diversity and community outreach and wants to encourage more women to learn programming because it’s awesome!


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We are always looking for more volunteers to join our team. With your help, we would be able to help more people find the perfect mentors and accomplish their If you are interested and you are able to spend 1-2 hours a week managing the communication between mentors and mentees, please contact us at team@tupu.io!