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Tupu is a non-profit initiative to offer free mentorship to women, people of color, and LGBT in the tech industry.

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Mentoring has been shown to drastically help people advance faster in their careers. If you are coming from a minority you might not have as many persons that you can relate with and discuss your work issues. By using Tupu, you can find a mentor that can be a sounding board for you and help you grow in the direction that you want. Quite often, just explaining the issue to a fresh set of ears and hearing their perspective makes all the difference.


How it works

No matter what your interests are, marketing, engineering or product, find the mentor that resonates with your own goals.


Meet a few of our amazing mentors

Adeyemi Adekorede

Lead Software Engineer, MindRight

Anagha Mudigonda

Engineering Manager, Dropbox

Andrew Moldovan

Principal Cloud UI Lead, Elastic

Anna Ossowski

Senior Community Program Manager, GitHub

Bea Alessio

Product Manager, AI and Innovation at Adobe

Bill Mulligan

Telco Developer Advocate, Kubermatic

Blayze Stefaniak

Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Christina Braks

VP of Product, Avea Solutions

Cody Fletcher

Software Developer & Entrepreneur

David Sanwald

Full Stack Engineer, MoBerries

Eloy Coto

Senior Software Engineer, Red Hat

Ewa Fijołek

Director of Software Development, Dynatrace

Friedrich Koebler

Vice President Of Engineering, Exasol

Harry Marr

Senior Engineering Manager, GitHub

Israel Carberry

Engineering Manager, Firebrand Technologies

Javier Uruen Val

Senior Software Engineer, GitHub

Jon Plummer

Director Of User Experience, Concentric Sky

Jorge Salamero Sanz

Director of Product Management, Sysdig

Kim Beaudin

Director of Development, Yellow Pencil

Leah Brezovec-Ryding

Project Manager, Deloitte

Madhura Chopda

Director of engineering, Elastic

Mick Halsband

Founding Partner, Lunar Ventures

Natalie Pistunovich

Lead Developer Advocate, Aerospike

Nicholas Roche

Growth Consultant,

Pablo Musa

Senior Curriculum Developer, Sysdig

Panagiotis Moustafellos

SRE Technical Lead, Elastic

Raluca Badoi

Backend Software Engineer, FinLink

Raya Fratkina

Director of engineering, Elastic

Sabeen Syed

Engineering manager, Hashicorp

Stephanie Jackson

Site Reliability Engineer, Elastic

Thomas Reynolds

Executive Technology Director, Instrument

Tim Banks

Technical Account Manager, Mission

Vijay Samuel

Member Of Technical Staff 2, eBay

FAQ for mentees

How does it work?

As a mentee, you can either request a mentor or let us find the best mentor for them. In the first case, you can request one or multiple mentors from the list, and depending on the availability of the mentor we can make that happen. In the second case, you just needs to sign up as a mentee.

After you sign up to become a mentee, we’ll contact you in case we need more information or if we’d like to learn more about your preferences. Based on that, we’ll assign you a mentor. If you are ok with the mentor, then we are mostly out of the way, unless you or the mentor asks for our help.

The meetings themselves happen over video conference (Zoom or Google Meet). The mentor is responsible for scheduling the recurring 1:1 meetings with the mentee.

How long are the sessions?

We typically recommend 30 minutes every two weeks or once per month, but it’s up to you and the mentor. As a mentee, please try to be flexible with the meeting time and give priority to the mentor’s preferences. Remember that all Tupu mentors are volunteering their own time.

At what career level can I be a mentee?

You can benefit from mentorship at mostly any level, from being fresh out of the university to the C level. When doing the matching, we typically look for the mentor to be more senior than the mentee, but there can be exceptions. Remember that this program addresses itself to tech roles (software engineer, SRE, manager, product manager, tech writer, UX designer, etc.).

What if I no longer want to work with the assigned mentor?

We get it, not all mentor-mentee relationships work out, and it’s better not to force such a relationship. Also, it’s possible that you simply no longer have the time or energy to do these sessions. We are making it very easy for you to get out of the sessions in a professional way.