Chinedu Orie

Software Engineer

I graduated from Computer Engineering in 2016. While I was in college I was obsessed with hardware programming and also thought other students same. Upon graduation in 2016 I dived into software development. More details about my work experience can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

One of the most significant experience I have in mentorship is my contract at Lambda School as a Team Lead. I watched many students of various non-tech backgrounds grow from zero to hero under my lead.

I teach as well as I write code. I’ve been through tough experiences trying to survive from my humble background, these are artefacts that make my mentorship outstanding because of the natural empathy life has thought me.

I believe in the saying that life is measured by its donation not its duration, therefore it’d be my pleasure to impact more lives as much as I can through this platform.

Chinedu Orie

Chinedu is volunteering his time to mentor women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups in the tech industry.