Christina Braks

VP of Product, Avea Solutions

I have about 13 years of experience experience as VP of Product (with a bit of Marketing and CX thrown in).

I started my career at a small software startup working in or leading several departments including support, learning and development, QA, client experience, marketing, and product management.

My passion lies in Product with heavy bend towards CX. I believe product managers should be empowered to identify problems and given the autonomy to work cross-functionally to decide which problems to solve and how to solve them (features, workflow, or process). The solutions must be supported by consistent user research, feedback, and data - whether from the product team directly or through other means, such as NPS, CES, or internal feedback loops (like sales, onboarding, and support).

I specialize in 5-7 year old companies in need of a turnaround. At my last company, I led initiatives that achieved a 50 pt NPS increase in 9 months - ultimately achieving a 67 point increase by the time I left (-47 to 20 where 25 is industry average).

At my current company, I partnered with CX to achieve a 30 point NPS increase in 9 months and we’re still going (-11 to 20 with industry average around 20-30).

I would love to mentor a product manager - to share my experience and also learn from theirs.

Christina Braks

Christina is volunteering her time to mentor women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups in the tech industry.