Raya Fratkina

Director of engineering, Elastic

Raya Fratkina is a Director of Engineering at Elastic, leading the Kibana Analytics & Maps team. This team is focused on building end user tools for data visualization and discovery in Javascript with Elasticsearch as the data store. She grew up in Russia and now lives in the US. Raya’s early interest in math and logic led her to study Computer Science and AI at OSU and then Stanford.

In her professional career she has worked on text and data retrieval algorithms and user interactions in contexts ranging from dialog systems to online shopping. She has been a researcher, a technical project manager, a product manager and an engineering manager. When not staring at charts, she is raising her 3 kids, walking her dog, reading a book, or making stuffed animals.

Raya Fratkina

Raya is volunteering her time to mentor women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups in the tech industry.